Are you a special needs student who would like to learn the art of drawing and painting in a friendly relaxed and supportive environment?  The classes are suitable for all ages and all art levels.

Art Exhibition 2020

The 2020 exhibition will be held during November 2020, dates and venue will be confirmed later

The Art for Life Annual Exhibition is the highlight of the year for our students, staff and the board.

The artworks produced by the students during the year are exhibited and are available for purchase at reasonable prices, the proceeds of sales are paid to the artist, with a portion being used to fund the exhibition costs.

Students, relatives, carers and the public are all welcome to attend the exhibition.


Most students attend for one morning or afternoon session each week.

Art for Life classes are small, typically less than 7 students, so there is plenty of individual attention by the tutor to the needs of each student.

Students also benefit from social interaction with other students, the tutor and volunteer helpers.